10 SEO Tools You Need to Achieve Success From Day One

Every company, regardless of size or industry, generally runs a website, mainly for selling its key products and services. Most websites also have some targeted content specifically designed for Google search rankings-this is the desired effect of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) section. This is a leaping game composed of keywords and search trends. Google changes some rules every few months, which makes the game more complicated. With good SEO tools, you can beat your competitors more easily while following the rules of the game.

On any results page, there is no magic way to put your website on it-at least not organic search (also known as organic search). If you plan to buy paid advertising space, then Google Ads will be happy to help. Your website will definitely be at the top of the search results (or bottom, depending on the ad rank and quality score), but will always put a small mark next to the headline Ad tag.

Under normal circumstances, even the most targeted paid keyword search results, the click-through rate will not exceed 5%; but if it is the top organic results, then this number can easily exceed 50%.

The results of the research show that 67.6% of all clicks on Google will enter the top 5 natural search results, and the other 3.73% will visit the 6th to 10th results. This means that the organic results on the Google homepage account for more than 71% of all traffic, while the remaining 29% is allocated to all other items (including local search results, paid advertising, news results, and results on page 2 and beyond Page).

In order to win more valuable traffic and gain the trust of more customers, a balanced and comprehensive SEO (search engine optimization) strategy is essential. This can be divided into three main categories: keyword research, real-time search ranking monitoring, and web crawling.

The best Google SEO Tools in 2020

SEMrushsoftware tools
KWFindersoftware tools
SpyFusoftware tools
Serpstatsoftware tools
Ninja Outreachsoftware tools
Long Tail Prosoftware tools
SE Rankingsoftware tools
SEO ResellerOutsourcing
The HOTHOutsourcing
Ahrefssoftware tools

1. SEMrush —— The most feature-rich SEO tool

SEMrush is a full-featured SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool with powerful capabilities in specific keyword research, continuous search ranking monitoring, and web crawling. For effective search engine optimization strategies, it provides SMB users with almost everything they need.

Although SpyFu provides a better user experience, deeper sales advice, and advertising-focused data and management at a lower price, SEMrush is still a powerful SEO platform with all the features you might need. And contains a large number of other dazzling feature sets.

SEMrush offers 4 plans, each with different prices, features and restrictions.

The interface of this tool is very simple, the domain name analysis snapshot is displayed in the most conspicuous position, and the current keywords are listed in the quick classification of organic and paid traffic respectively. Although SEO tools such as Ahrefs also integrate with social media resources and provide brand monitoring and ranking tracking functions, SEMrush seems to perform better in this regard, and it can also double as a social monitoring platform.

When searching for keywords, SEMrush will present the analysis results through various tables, charts, and visualized interactive data, and provide the breakdown of organic search/paid search, average monthly search volume, and different countries and regions Cost-per-click. However, it does not allow you to filter search results by specific cities, but you can filter by country. In addition, SEMrush also provides another unique filter that allows you to switch between desktop and mobile search traffic. Although mobile phones are now a rapidly growing source of search traffic, there is currently no SEO tool like SEMrush. Provide such a fine source of traffic.

In the search ranking report, SEMrush will list which keywords your competitors have lost so that you can find opportunities; it will also show their newly acquired keyword rankings and continue to track them. For a more tricky comparison, the company also developed a tool called Domain vs. Domain, which allows you to view the rankings of keywords that you don’t have but your competitors already have.

SEMrush provides quite a few built-in reporting and organization functions. It centralizes all the data on your (all domains) website, including health scores based on SEMrush crawl data, location tracking for specific keyword rankings, and other useful Features. SEMrush also integrates with Google Analytics and Google Search Console, and allows you to obtain specific landing pages from these two sources.

  • Comprehensive keyword research tools and domain analysis
  • Backlink tracking
  • Very useful SEO campaign project
  • Keywords and positive SEO suggestions
  • expensive
  • Lack of keyword list management

2. KWFinder —— Best keyword research ability

KWFinder is a search engine optimization tool that focuses on specific keyword research and recommendation. For an effective SEO strategy, identifying the correct keywords and search results is one of the most important aspects so that you can try to enter your desired search results page. Although it does not have as extensive feature set as SEMrush, KWFinder may be the most valuable independent keyword analysis tool.

KWFinder, developed by Mangools, a provider of search engine optimization and online marketing tools, offers a free plan that may be suitable for the smallest small and medium businesses and individuals. Every 24 hours, you can get 5 free keyword queries and 50 related keywords per search.

In addition to KWFinder, Mangools also provides 3 other matching SEO tools:

  • SERPChecker: Used for keyword analysis in Google search engine results page (SERP);
  • SERPWatcher: used to track keyword rankings;
  • LinkMiner: used to analyze backlinks.

You don't need to be an SEO expert in any way to use KWFinder. The user experience of this tool is very simple. All queries always start with a simple search box without any other settings. When entering keywords, you can select a specific language, country, or city. For small and medium-sized enterprises who want to obtain traffic in local search, the selectable city is a very useful parameter. In comparison, most other tools can only filter by country. If you find it too troublesome to input keywords one by one, you can also import a keyword query list.

Based on long-term keyword research, KWFinder has earned a reputation as one of the best search engine optimization tools. Whether you are an SEO expert or a marketer, you will be satisfied with the query process, related keyword identification, SERP mapping, and keyword management functions it provides.

Due to the limited functional coverage of KWFinder, it has become more of a supplementary tool for SEMrush. But even if it is used independently, its value is self-evident. The newly added SERPWatcher brings continuous ranking monitoring and tracking capabilities, while LinkMiner makes up for the lack of backlink analysis in KWFinder. With low prices and regularly launched new features, KWFinder is an SEO tool that every business and individual should consider.

  • Powerful keyword search function
  • Economical
  • Keyword list and management functions
  • Detailed related keyword suggestions
  • Google SERP specific keyword tool
  • Use the new SERPWatcher tool for ranking tracking
  • Limited keyword result query
  • Compared with powerful keyword research and analysis techniques, other functions are weak

3. SpyFu —— Excellent full-featured SEO toolkit

SpyFu is a near-perfect SEO product that not only has a rich feature set, but also provides an easy-to-use interface. Whether it is for experienced search engine optimization experts or ordinary business users, it is an ideal platform to help you grow quickly.

All package plans include an unlimited number of search results, domain names, keywords, keyword groups, backlinks, and search results compared with competitors-this is one of the important reasons why we rank it in the first place , And unlimited search volume makes this tool more attractive for temporary keyword research.

When companies want to develop the best search engine result pages (SERPs) through optimization strategies, targeted keyword research is an indispensable step to improve page rankings. SpyFu provides you with powerful keyword recommendation and management functions .

SpyFu is significantly different from KWFinder and Ahrefs in terms of creating and constructing keywords and measuring results. It does not use page ratings and domain name ratings to develop keyword lists and difficulty statistics, but uses a more clear indicator. —— The value of keywords. When you search for a keyword, another navigation bar will appear at the top of the results page to further subdivide the search results. Then, you can view in more depth, including related keywords, advertiser history, ranking history, backlinks, keyword grouping, and SERP analysis.

In addition to providing CPC for keywords, SpyFu also provides daily and monthly cost classifications, and for this keyword, how many advertisers have appeared in the past year. SERP analysis will divide each URL in the search results page. Although KWFinder provides a more detailed breakdown in this area, SpyFu is more focused on monthly costs-which may be important for your business.

SpyFu is a well-designed SEO tool that contains various indicators and functions specifically for sales, online marketing and digital advertising. For all types of foreign trade companies, it may be one of the best choices.
  • A full set of search and management tools for core keywords
  • Smooth user experience
  • Interactive report
  • In-depth PPC/CPC and paid advertising metrics
  • Backlink tracking
  • Continuous website monitoring
  • Unlimited search results
  • SEO campaign management
  • Does not provide web scraping
  • Advertising metrics can confuse novice SEO users
  • Chinese website is not supported

4. Serpstat —— Affordable SEO&PPC tools

When it comes to search engine optimization, especially keyword research and backlink analysis, we generally focus all our attention on SEMrush and KWFinder. But in the past few weeks, after extensive use of Serpstat, we realized that this is an amazing tool. The most impressive is its easy-to-use user interface and the ability to track key SEO indicators in real time.

This is a platform that can perform automated search engine optimization, such as ranking tracking, backlink analysis, keyword research, etc. In addition, it is also one of the few SEO tools that provide Chinese keyword research, but the depth of support is quite limited.

If you have not heard of Serpstat, you may need to know some key information about this tool:

  • Serpstat was founded in 2013 and was originally a keyword research tool. But since then, it has slowly evolved into a comprehensive SEO and PPC analysis product.Their database has more than 100 million keywords (most of course in English), 180 million ads, and 200 million search suggestions. With continuous updates and improvements, the current database is similar to that of major SEO companies such as SEMrush.You can get Google data for 16 regions: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Lithuania, South Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, etc. In addition, it also provides ranking data for Yandex (Russia's largest search engine) in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ukraine.Serpstat is used by more than 30,000 online marketers worldwide, including SEO and PPC professionals, marketing managers and copywriters.

The most popular SEO tools on the market seem to have reached a consensus on the monthly pricing of their basic plans, and these tools have gained enough market share and reputation to control prices. But if you are a blogger just getting started, their expensive prices may prevent you from taking these products seriously. Although a free trial period is provided, you will often encounter some limitations to assess its true potential. With Serpstat, you won't have such a problem. All their plans have very competitive prices. You can choose a suitable plan according to your needs. Serpstat even offers a free plan forever, allowing you to perform 30 searches and review 100 pages in a month.

Since Serpstat provides a variety of useful functions, it may take some time to learn. If you are a beginner, you should concentrate on researching. This may be the first SEO platform you come into contact with. Although the learning curve is a bit steep, in the end you will definitely be attracted by the impressive user interface. If you are migrating from other SEO tools (such as SEMrush) to Serpstat, it may take a few days to adapt. But this kind of effort is very worthwhile, after long-term use, Serpstat will bring you more and more fun.

Successful companies have one thing in common: they provide excellent customer service. Serpstat's customer support team has profound knowledge and provides various resources so that you can become an expert in using their tools. They even have a Serpstat Academy-this is a free online learning center where you can learn more about keyword research, competitor analysis, and SEO techniques at all levels from basic to advanced.

The core function of SEO tools is to provide accurate data for keywords and backlinks, so that you can create better content and bring traffic to your website. Serpstat does a good job-keyword research, PPC analysis and competitor research. You can find new keyword opportunities, content ideas, analyze PPC activities, and perform in-depth competitor research. The starting price of $19/month makes it one of the most affordable SEO tools on the market.

  • Provide a lot of useful training and learning materials, so that you can fully grasp how to use this tool
  • Rank tracking ability is better than most SEO tools
  • Easy to use interface
  • Excellent customer support service
  • Limited Chinese keyword support
  • Cannot sort data by variable
  • Lack of ability to conduct local SEO analysis for all countries

5. Ninja Outreach —— Excellent email marketing tool

In order to be successful in blogging and content marketing, you need to build an extensive relationship chain and understand the most influential promoters in the industry. Establishing these connections can bring you more visitors, more social sharing, and a larger user network.

Ninja Outreach is a software that focuses on influence marketing. It allows you to search for some well-known blogs or bloggers based on different keywords, then organize them into a list, and finally use the custom template in the software to send the e-mail mail. If you have ever used Excel spreadsheets, separate CRM software and a variety of different tools to manage promotional activities, then using Ninja Outreach will become more convenient, it allows you to accomplish all these things in one tool.

This marketing software provides web and desktop applications, both of which have 4 main functions:

  • Exploration:
    This may be where you spend the most time. It can search for blogs and websites with different influences, and then extract all the data on the website. You can view website details, contact information, social shares, SEO metrics, and more. After obtaining these data, you need to save them in the list.
  • List management:
    There is no real task going on in this part, basically you can create or edit the list. One of the nice features is the ability to export the people in the list as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Prospect:
    This feature allows you to fully understand all potential customers in any given list, and achieve precision marketing through email.
  • Management template:
    This is one of the most important features, you create various email templates here. Ninja Outreach uses the extracted data (such as name, email, page URL, etc.) to fill in to match potential customers. This allows you to create personalized emails very quickly without having to copy and paste large amounts of information.

Is it too shabby? If you are interested in it, then it is actually like this. But if used properly, you can use it to find the most accurate potential customers. In addition, handling all these different tasks in a single tool is also a big selling point.

Ninja Outreach is likely to become one of the most useful marketing tools, it is like a combination of CRM, promotion marketing tools, and blog search engine.
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap price
  • Provide web and desktop applications
  • Excellent information search and filtering capabilities
  • The function seems a bit shabby
  • The lack of web tracking tools prevents you from viewing the marketing performance of individual campaigns

6. Long Tail Pro —— Focus on long tail keyword research

Are you looking for an automated system to provide profitable keywords? When building a website with natural search as the main source of traffic, one of the biggest challenges is to find the right keywords that can increase traffic, then improve rankings and create a lot of revenue. The SEMrush introduced above can achieve this goal well, but Long Tail Pro can do better in terms of long tail keyword research.

This is a desktop keyword research tool that can run on Adobe Air (for Windows and Mac operating systems). One of the good things about Long Tail Pro is that you don't need to be an SEO master to master it quickly. The interface is very simple and clear, and even novices will get used to it quickly.

Long Tail Pro is more than just a keyword research tool, because it contains a lot of useful features, the following features may interest you:

  • Create multiple projects: You can create different campaigns for different websites, which can help you organize your content better;
  • Generate other relevant keywords according to the keywords you enter;
  • Export data via Excel spreadsheet;
  • Find high CPC long tail keywords, which are very suitable for increasing AdSense revenue;
  • Find available domain names: If you are creating a blog, you can use the available keywords suggested by Long Tail Pro to register the domain name;
  • Check the keyword ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing;
  • Keyword competition check;
  • Collect the best keywords.

With the help of Long Tail Pro, you will learn how to find keywords that are less competitive in your dominant areas, how to conduct keyword research correctly, how to turn your research into profit, and analyze any top ten Results page. All these great features start with a keyword you enter at will.

  • Excellent long-tail keyword search ability
  • Very suitable for finding keywords with high traffic and low competition
  • Easy-to-use desktop software
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • It takes a long time to calculate a large number of keywords (approximately 2 hours for 800 keywords)

7. SE Ranking —— Affordable SEO software based on cloud design

SE Ranking is a cloud-based platform designed for search engine optimization and online marketing professionals. This platform has a complete set of tools including website inspection, competitor analysis, website ranking, keyword suggestions and grouping, backlink monitoring, automated professional reports, etc. In addition to standard search engine optimization, it also provides a The series of additional features, such as white labeling and marketing plans, are designed to take your professional digital services to a whole new level.

For many people, most excellent full-featured SEO tools on the market may be too expensive. They just want to simply study SEO, but those advanced tools have high barriers to entry, which makes it difficult for people to appreciate the charm of SEO. Fortunately, SE Ranking provides the same functions as advanced SEO tools, but it will not deplete all the banknotes in your wallet.

From the perspective of ranking tracking, SE Ranking is one of the best tools. You can use it to monitor the ranking position of the target keyword on your website and your achievements in attracting high-quality backlinks. Another advantage is that through the useful information it provides, you will have the opportunity to modify the target keywords and find new keyword ideas to obtain more targeted traffic.

SE Ranking provides a wide range of tools that can simplify your SEO work and improve website performance. One thing to always remember is: the higher the search ranking, the more likely people are to visit it. This is why you need to learn more about your website traffic, rankings, backlinks, and some other metrics.

SE Ranking allows you to manually and automatically monitor mobile and local website rankings on different search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. One of the main advantages in this regard is that you can view the performance of selected keywords in any target area.

Regarding the SEO report, SE Ranking provides you with all the tools you need to check the historical data of your website ranking so that you can get the opportunity to effectively improve your SEO strategy; you can drag and drop the modules you want to display, including ranking, traffic, competitors, Website auditing and performance-based budget; you can also send the generated reports to the selected email address regularly.

Competitor research provides a method of specifying the keywords targeted by the domain name, which can be used to determine the strategies used by competitors in their paid advertising; you can also identify those based on the performance of your target keywords in paid and organic results Potential competitors. This information will help plan keyword research strategies and the company's development direction. In addition to helping you identify your main competitors, SE Ranking can also track its website rankings.

All in all, SE Ranking is a web-based search engine optimization software that has the functions included in advanced SEO tools at a very low price. They provide a 14-day trial period that allows you to test all available tools for free.
  • The most affordable full-featured search engine optimization tool on the market
  • Online marketing plans can make it easier for customers to understand SEO
  • Very useful SEO report
  • Regularly track your keyword rankings according to your requirements
  • It is difficult to compare the keyword analysis of competitors side by side
  • For the personal version, a limited number of keyword tracking
  • Backlink monitoring and keyword suggestion tools seem to be still in the development and optimization stage, and it will take some time before perfection

8. SEO Reseller —— One of the best SEO outsourcing service providers

Imagine this: existing customers request search engine optimization services-you readily agree, because you do not want to lose the business. Of course, you may not have enough SEO expertise, but think it may not be so difficult. Until a few months have passed, you are still trying to get backlinks and organic traffic, but customers have begun to feel frustrated, and your team is also dissatisfied with this kind of business that is not good at.

This is the story of too many organizations-they either provide SEO services, but they don't actually know how it works; or they waste time learning SEO instead of focusing on their core competitiveness.

Until finally there is a perfect solution like SEO Reseller, it outsources the entire optimization process to trusted experts, allowing you more time to acquire new customers. If used properly, everyone will get a win-win situation.

SEO Reseller is an organization that specializes in search engine optimization and provides its services to customers in the form of white labels. They usually have extensive relationships with publishers, copywriters, and authors in order to easily obtain large-scale and high-quality backlinks. More importantly, they also have a team of copywriters to help you produce content. With the help of SEO Reseller's professional outsourcing services, you can provide customers with high-quality search engine optimization services without hiring any SEO experts.

Although things are not always that simple, and search engine ranking strategies are frequently updated, you may need 3 main reasons to buy SEO outsourcing services:

  • SEO is very expensive:
    According to the results of a study by Credo, average SEO consultants charge an average of $173 per hour. Although you can easily find SEO consultants who charge less than $25/hour on Upwork, the actual results are likely to be adversely affected.
  • SEO is a key service:
    Search engine optimization is very important because it can directly benefit companies in the B2B and B2C fields. A survey by Ascend2 found that among all the most effective B2C marketing strategies, SEO ranks second (after email marketing).
  • SEO is becoming more and more complex:
    The complexity of SEO depends on the complexity of Google's algorithm. If Google still relies on anchor text and backlinks to determine ranking as before, then you can do SEO through a large number of keywords and backlinks. But to this day, Google’s search algorithm has become one of the most complex codes in the world. It has 2 billion lines of code in 2015, and because of dozens of services (Android, Gmail, Drive, Docs , Google Plus, etc.) are closely integrated with Google, which will become more complicated in the future. All this means that the job of SEO is more difficult than ever.

Now you may know the root cause of using SEO Reseller, but there are many other benefits: you can focus on your core competence, get scalable results, collaborate with experts, get on-demand services, and so on. SEO Reseller usually operates like a traditional SEO agency. You can choose to use their various SEO services, including but not limited to: page review, keyword research, link building, local search engine optimization, and content creation.

  • Simple and easy to use control panel
  • Rich one-stop SEO solution
  • Provide high-quality content creation services
  • expensive

9. The HOTH —— SEO outsourcing service provider with the most extensive business coverage

Like SEO Reseller, The HOTH is also a well-known SEO service provider, aiming to provide customers with white-label SEO solutions, including link building, blog publishing, visitor articles, press releases, local SEO, on-page SEO and other services.

You can even have one-on-one consultation calls with them to discuss detailed needs and target keywords. If you need to order services on a regular basis and need help, they will also assign you an account manager.

HOTH provides a wealth of service options to meet your various needs:

  • Extensive SEO services ranging from local SEO to client release
  • Custom dashboards can track orders and download reports
  • 100% white label SEO means you can order services for your customers without worrying about any type of branding issues
  • Free consultation and help, dedicated account manager
  • Some services are very expensive

10. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the top crawlers on the market, and has therefore become a leader in the SEO field. It maintains one of the largest backlink indexes in the world, crawling more than 12 trillion historical backlinks and 6 billion web pages every day. This search engine optimization tool also includes features such as specific keyword research, continuous SEO monitoring, page rank tracking, page content research, and excellent domain name comparison.

This SEO tool offers 4 types of pricing packages, Lite plans suitable for individuals, and 3 other plans suitable for enterprises. The good news is that if you are not satisfied with the current plan, you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel the service at any time.

When you enter multiple keywords to query, Ahrefs allows you to narrow down the search scope by country, but unlike KWFinder, it does not provide the function of segmenting by city. Compared with other SEO tools, Ahrefs’ keyword results page may be the most basic and direct, but its keyword browser tool greatly enhances the visual response of interactive data.

After entering the URL in the website browser tool and performing a search, you will see a variety of rich web information, including all custom indicators, organic keywords and traffic segmentation, organic and paid searches, and all retrieved pages Full index of. When it comes to running fast and comprehensive website diagnostics, Ahrefs is capable of overriding other competitors.

If you are looking for an SEO tool with specific crawling and domain analysis functions to cover all the basic functions of basic keyword research and continuous monitoring, Ahrefs is a very good choice. Although compared with some other better SEO software, Ahrefs provides unpredictable user experience, and there are many shortcomings in keyword management and optimization suggestions, but it is still one of the best crawlers.

  • Specific site and whole network crawling function
  • Reliable keyword research ability
  • Comprehensive domain name monitoring and comparison
  • In-depth SERP analysis
  • Limited SEO report
  • The Chinese description of some parts of the software is not accurate

How to choose SEO software

Under normal circumstances, individuals and businesses use SEO software to improve their website’s ranking in search engine results. The trick is to choose the SEO software solution that best suits your specific needs. However, this is not a simple task. The best way is to first register for a free trial version of some SEO software provider, which will enable you to view the functions of each system for free and see if they meet your needs.

Most SEO software will provide some specific functions.

The benefits of SEO software

A successful search engine optimization strategy should start as early as possible, and you need to maintain it with good concentration. As competition in all industries is very fierce, a website with a good ranking in search engines has become the key to business success.

SEO software solutions have the following practical benefits:

  • Continuous sales opportunities
  • Opportunity to surpass your competitors
  • Adjustable solutions that can withstand changes in search engine algorithms
  • Connect with customers through multiple devices (mobile and desktop)
  • Diversified communication channels and potential customers
  • Attract customers through relevant content
  • Realize global business
  • raise popularity of brand
  • Impressively high ranking brings higher traffic

11. Fiverr —— SEO outsourcing service platform worth trying

Fiverr is currently the most popular freelance market where anyone can buy and sell services for $5, hence its name Fiverr. The company started operations in 2009 and has grown exponentially since then, and now completes approximately 10 million transactions each year.

Of course, there are many sellers who provide SEO services on this platform, and the lowest price is only $5.

You can find various SEO services on it, including external chain construction(.edu/.gov domain names are available),Website optimization suggestions, article writing, Google rankings, etc.It should be noted that most sellers only provide anchor text keywords or article writing services in Latin letters (such as English, French, German, etc.), and the quality of sellers is also uneven, and better services will have higher price.

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